Active new roles in 2016

Now Australia Day has been celebrated, the dust of festivity has now settled and business is back & bustling. I have never known a busier start to a New Year and the roles I currently have active are as follows:

  • Datawarehouse Design Lead, Professional Services (PS), Permanent, Sydney
  • MS BI Principal/State Lead, PS, Perm, Sydney
  • Informatica Cloud ETL Designer, PS, Perm, Sydney
  • SQL specialist, PS, Perm, Sydney
  • MS BI Visualisation specialist, PS. Cont/Perm, Sydney
  • SAP HANA/SAP BO, PS, Perm, Sydney
  • Qlikview, Perm, PS, Sydney
  • IM Principal Consultant, PS, Perm, Melbourne
  • Generalist BI Consultant, PS, Perm, Sydney

Regularly check out the website at for new roles

Send your CV to to apply

Sponsorship is available especially for candidates currently domained in Australia