Overseas sponsored 457 visa employee facts centre

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Moving over to Australia is an exciting life changing opportunity and 457 visa sponsorship can & does lead to Permanent Residency & Citizenship. It is however a major logistical challenge especially so when you have children but I did it, so you can too!

There are things that I need to highlight as being the major points to consider:

  • The Australian Federal Government offers information at this link http://tinyurl.com/gvd5sqc
  • Companies that sponsor overseas applicants are predominantly in the Professional Services sector so corporate overseas sponsorship is rare.
  • Relocation costs are rarely offered and if you are lucky enough to get some help, it won’t be significant. This is just part of the Australia psyche of having to pay your own way as a new immigrant/Australian
  • If you are moving over with a partner/spouse, they have full working rights which is hugely beneficial
  • School age children incur education costs – for example in Sydney, NSW they are ~$5k per child http://tinyurl.com/jb7zxmm
  • Housing costs, especially in Sydney are huge. Be prepared for this to be a major living cost. Temporary accomodation upon arrival is also not cheap, like most other OECD international cities
  • Salary packages. Each employee as part of their salary package is given statutory superannuation contributions (currently at 9.5% on base eg $100k base give $9.5k super) http://tinyurl.com/jhorttz
  • The personal tax rates in Australia are as follows: http://tinyurl.com/l6j3qhe
  • You will need to obtain a TFN (Tax File Number) upon arrival so you can pay tax
  • You can drive with an international licence in Australia on a 457 visa http://tinyurl.com/huh65l3
  • Health care – you will need to take out personally funded private health insurance. This link is a good start http://tinyurl.com/grufx56

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