Australia is open and working visas are on offer.

Well Australia finally opened it’s borders and changed government at the same time. With Sydney estimated as having only 100,000 available workers, the employment market is the tightest I have ever known it and employers are desperate for talent. Some companies are now looking to sponsor overseas candidates on 482 class visas which can last up to 4 years, allows your family entry and your spouse/partner full working rights. It also allows the recipient the right to apply for Permanent Residency after three years.

WHV (working holiday visas) are also open to people from certain countries up to the age of 35 and is a quick way to get into Australia and then gain long term sponsorship once employed.

Please note, the 482 class visas are an onerous to process for the employer and cost a lot of money. This was a political move under the last government who were beholden to the fears of the more right wing anti-immigrant sentiments within Australia and was also enacted  at a time of far greater unemployment. I believe the new Australian Federal Government will relax this process as well as expediting the process to help the Australia economy avoid the damage caused from wage-price spiral inflation. Let’s hope I am right.