Australia is open and working visas are on offer.

Well Australia finally opened it’s borders and changed government at the same time. With Sydney estimated as having only 100,000 available workers, the employment market is the tightest I have ever known it and employers are desperate for talent. Some companies are now looking to sponsor overseas candidates on 482 class visas which can last up to 4 years, allows your family entry and your spouse/partner full working rights. It also allows the recipient the right to apply for Permanent Residency after three years.

WHV (working holiday visas) are also open to people from certain countries up to the age of 35 and is a quick way to get into Australia and then gain long term sponsorship once employed.

Please note, the 482 class visas are an onerous to process for the employer and cost a lot of money. This was a political move under the last government who were beholden to the fears of the more right wing anti-immigrant sentiments within Australia and was also enacted  at a time of far greater unemployment. I believe the new Australian Federal Government will relax this process as well as expediting the process to help the Australia economy avoid the damage caused from wage-price spiral inflation. Let’s hope I am right.

BI&DW Australia turned ten years old and then we know what happened next…

A quick message to all BI&DW Australia candidates and clients

BI&DW Australia turned ten toward the end of 2019 and whilst looking forward to a prosperous New Year, the business, like all others has been hit by both the bushfire economic slow down and then to outdo that, Covid-19. To say it has been a challenging time is an understatement but having started during the GFC aftermath, we know that there will be light at the end of the tunnel. After coming out of our lockdown hibernation, we do anticipate any hiring that will occur will likely to be contract and any material hiring activity will be in Q1 in the new financial year. Until that point, BI&DW Australia will be working on changes to our offerings and approach to market to address this unprecedented challenge. Watch this space for updates in the coming weeks.

BI&DW Australia is 9 years old

As we head for another Summer and Xmas break, the market has slowed somewhat but we are still searching for Microsoft Business Intelligence consultants on a contract and permanent basis in Melbourne.

Likewise we are searching for a Tableau expert who offers that little something extra (other tool experience, ETL skills, data modelling) for a Permanent role in Sydney

New Roles to celebrate BI&DW Australia being 8 years old

Well BI&DW Australia got over the 7 year itch and is bounding on after hitting 8 yrs of age!

To celebrate, we are super busy and have a lot of roles that need filling ASAP before Xmas. Here are the following roles which are all with specialist BI& DW Professional Services companies in Australia:

  • MS BI Developer, Perm, Sydney
  • MS BI Developer, Perm, Melbourne
  • Tableau Developer, Perm, Sydney
  • Tableau Developer, Perm, Melbourne
  • IM Principal Consultant, Perm, Sydney
  • Big Data Engineer, Perm, Sydney
  • Data Scientist, Perm, Sydney
  • Big Data Developer, Perm, Melbourne
  • Hyperion HFM expert, Perm, Sydney
  • Hyperion HFM expert, Perm, Melbourne
  • BI PM, contract, Sydney
  • Scrum master, contract, Sydney
  • BA (budgeting & planning), contract, Sydney

Please send your CV to if you are interested in the roles.

UNFORTUNATELY, the Australian Federal Government has slowed work sponsorship visas to almost a halt and the current wait is over 6 months. We thus CANNOT accept overseas applicants at this time unless you have a valid working visa for Australia.


Getting a job and moving to Australia is easier than you think!

Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse jobs in Australia – we’ll get you here!

Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse consultants are needed across Australia and many of our clients are willing to sponsor mid and senior level professionals that are looking to make the move.
Matt Groarke
Matt Groarke has over 15 years of recruiting experience and has helped countless people relocate to all parts of Australia. With a strong professional network of clients, Matt is able to introduce you to the best organisations in the Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing space.

Skills that are most desirable include: Microstrategy, Qlikview , Microsoft BI, Datawarehouse ETL Designing/developing, Data modellering, OBIEE, Business Objects and others.

We can help answer your questions relating to:

  • Which are the best companies to work for and the ones to avoid
  • Visa sponsorship
  • Australian salary levels, taxes and superannuation
  • Which city is best? Sydney / Melbourne / Brisbane/ Perth?
  • Finding Accommodation
  • The Australian interview process
  • Relocation allowance / accommodation provided upon your arrival
  • Why live and work in Australia?
  • Health care / Insurance
  • Information regarding driving licenses
  • Schooling and moving with children

What to do next?

Send over an updated CV to and include a brief outline or intentions about moving to Australia, your estimated relocation time frame, your preferred location and any other information that might be useful.

We can set up a time to discuss all your concerns via Skype or Gchat and help get your relocation process in motion.

7 Things to consider when confronted with a counter offer

Don’t be thrown off guard in your resignation.
Counter offer
In the candidate short market of the Australian Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing space it is becoming increasingly common for employers to make promises and offers of increased compensation to employees that resign.

While counter offers may be tempting, and even flattering, they are often knee-jerk reactions made by your employer in desperation to retain you and there are significant drawbacks for you.

Here are 7 important things to consider when presented with a counter offer:

  1. Is the counter offer and promise of more money/promotion a short-term solution to avoid an immediate inconvenience for your employer?
  2. Often your loyalty to the company is called into question for future projects now that you have admitted you’re looking to leave the company.
  3. If you’ve requested increased responsibilities/promotion for some time before, why is it only now that your employer is willing to offer these when you’ve decided to leave?
  4. Have your chances for promotion been hindered by handing in your notice? Again, trust and loyalty are called into question.
  5. Will anything actually change if you accept a counter offer? More often than not the reasons that made you want to leave in the first place remain the same and your feelings revert back to the unsettled state after a short time.
  6. If your employer is making promises to keep you there, are they putting it in writing? It may demonstrate a certain distrust to question a counter offer in this manner.
  7. It’s worth noting that the majority of people who accept counter offers voluntarily leave their employer within six months due to unfulfilled promises. Did you miss out on a better opportunity in comparison to the one you did leave for, if you hadn’t accepted that counter offer?

While accepting counter offers may be financially attractive and easier because it means avoiding the stress of resigning they can be a double-edged sword and significantly impair your chances of achieving career potential.

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