New Roles to celebrate BI&DW Australia being 8 years old

Well BI&DW Australia got over the 7 year itch and is bounding on after hitting 8 yrs of age!

To celebrate, we are super busy and have a lot of roles that need filling ASAP before Xmas. Here are the following roles which are all with specialist BI& DW Professional Services companies in Australia:

  • MS BI Developer, Perm, Sydney
  • MS BI Developer, Perm, Melbourne
  • Tableau Developer, Perm, Sydney
  • Tableau Developer, Perm, Melbourne
  • IM Principal Consultant, Perm, Sydney
  • Big Data Engineer, Perm, Sydney
  • Data Scientist, Perm, Sydney
  • Big Data Developer, Perm, Melbourne
  • Hyperion HFM expert, Perm, Sydney
  • Hyperion HFM expert, Perm, Melbourne
  • BI PM, contract, Sydney
  • Scrum master, contract, Sydney
  • BA (budgeting & planning), contract, Sydney

Please send your CV to if you are interested in the roles.

UNFORTUNATELY, the Australian Federal Government has slowed work sponsorship visas to almost a halt and the current wait is over 6 months. We thus CANNOT accept overseas applicants at this time unless you have a valid working visa for Australia.