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We offer fully payrolled BI&DW contract resources

NewAs you know BI&DW Australia are an established search & selection organization within the Australian market, We have a long and successful track record providing Permanent staff for our clients, both new and old.

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer fully payrolled Contract resource staff for your organization.

Contact us first for all your BI&DW Contract needs!

If you would like to find out more about the services we offer, do not hesitate to contact us for a confidential discussion.

Contact details: 

Matt Groarke, Managing Director, 0414 564926,

Our door is always open to TM1 Professionals

TM1 consultants are always in demand!
Open doors
TM1 professionals are the most sought after skillset in the Business Intelligence space in Australia. WIth a limited number TM1 resources in Auatralia we rarely advertise roles on or other job boards because we find it a waste of time and money. So if you are in the TM1 space make sure you connect with us so we are able to introduce you our clients that are looking at the appropriate time.

So remember if your contract is about to finish or you’re just looking for more challenging role, if we know you’re on the market we can help you out.

Currently we’re looking for Mid-senior level TM1 developers / consultants and contractors in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.

Overseas candidates with proven experience are encouraged to contact us as many of our clients are able to sponsor visas.

Feel free to introduce yourself via email at or connect on linkedin by clicking on our names Mark Jesson or Matt Groarke

Pack your bags! Cognos BI, TM1 and Datastage jobs Australia wide

The Australian market runs in cycles and at the moment the most sought after Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse skillsets are Cognos BI, TM1 and Datastage. It seems that IBM are leading the way in the sales and upgrade department leaving a definite shortage of qualified professionals.

If you are looking to move to Australia you probably have questiosn such as:

  • What salary can I expect?
  • Where are the best jobs?
  • How long does it take to get a visa?
  • What’s the interview process?
  • Can my spouse work in Australia?

Contact us first! We’ll help sort you out.

We represent a variety of Information Management, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence organisations that are need of experienced Cognos BI / TM1 and InfoSphere Datastage professionals interested in living and working in Australia.

Due to Australia’s booming economy and lack of local resources there are roles available in all major cities.

Visa sponsorship and various levels of relocation assistance are available for exceptional candidates. Thus moving to Australia is much easier than you think. Our experienced consultants can help guide you through the process of securing the ideal role for you in the Australian market and help to eliminate the confusion and stress of moving overseas.

Contact Matt at and we’ll set up a time to discuss whether moving to Australia is right for you.

7 Things to consider when confronted with a counter offer

Don’t be thrown off guard in your resignation.
Counter offer
In the candidate short market of the Australian Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing space it is becoming increasingly common for employers to make promises and offers of increased compensation to employees that resign.

While counter offers may be tempting, and even flattering, they are often knee-jerk reactions made by your employer in desperation to retain you and there are significant drawbacks for you.

Here are 7 important things to consider when presented with a counter offer:

  1. Is the counter offer and promise of more money/promotion a short-term solution to avoid an immediate inconvenience for your employer?
  2. Often your loyalty to the company is called into question for future projects now that you have admitted you’re looking to leave the company.
  3. If you’ve requested increased responsibilities/promotion for some time before, why is it only now that your employer is willing to offer these when you’ve decided to leave?
  4. Have your chances for promotion been hindered by handing in your notice? Again, trust and loyalty are called into question.
  5. Will anything actually change if you accept a counter offer? More often than not the reasons that made you want to leave in the first place remain the same and your feelings revert back to the unsettled state after a short time.
  6. If your employer is making promises to keep you there, are they putting it in writing? It may demonstrate a certain distrust to question a counter offer in this manner.
  7. It’s worth noting that the majority of people who accept counter offers voluntarily leave their employer within six months due to unfulfilled promises. Did you miss out on a better opportunity in comparison to the one you did leave for, if you hadn’t accepted that counter offer?

While accepting counter offers may be financially attractive and easier because it means avoiding the stress of resigning they can be a double-edged sword and significantly impair your chances of achieving career potential.

TM1 Developers – How to become a passive job seeker

Cognos TM1Cognos TM1 continues to be one of the most in demand skillsets in Australia. Projects are popping up in many different sites and specialist consulting companies are experiencing rapid growth.

With this much demand there is no excuse for being stuck on the bench or being without a contract for long.

Here are 3 simple ways to become a passive job seeker (with us).

  1. Introduce yourself to us. If we know about you and your skills then we can contact you when something suitable for you comes up. We’re a specialist company and understand what a TM1 developer does and will only contact you with relevant opportunities.
  2. Keep us updated – We have a database of over 5000 people to keep organised and up to-date. We can’t always get around to talking to everyone we’d like. So if your contract is finishing or you’re looking to take the next step in your career let us know. A quick email is probably the best way to start.
  3. Meet up – We hate being the faceless person on the other end of a phone so let’s meet up for a coffee. We can have an honest chat about your current role and what you want to do next in your career. If you’re in Sydney email me and we’ll set up a time to have a coffee.

The days of searching job boards for your next job are almost over so become a passive job seeker today and gain access to more opportunities than ever.

Start the conversation and send Matt an email today.